Thank you for a great season 2021!

Covid-19 Protocol for Fall 2021
September 14, 2021
Our tasting room is closed until December 14, 2021
November 9, 2021

Dear customers,

Our tasting room and patio are now closed, though you can book your appointment until October 30th through our website, or by phone.

2021 was an exceptional year for all of us! An early Spring followed by one of the driest, hottest summers on record with temperatures exceeding 35 degrees for the latter half of June and into July and August. This was followed by a number of smoky weeks through July and into August. Fortunately, analysis of the grapes here on the Naramata Bench did not show any evidence of smoke taint. This vintage will stand out for good quality and small production.
Many orchards had lower yields of grapes, cherries, apricots, peaches, etc than on average. Harvest was 1-2 weeks earlier than normal. We are lucky that this summer we could find good sweet cherries, and other fruit for distilling over the coming winter.

We invite you to book an appointment for a tasting until end of October!

Until further notice, all visitors who want to enjoy a tasting at our distillery will have to show proof of vaccination status.
Proof of vaccination status is not required for purchases in our tasting room, or to pick up online orders.

We are required by law to comply with all Provincial Health orders, just as we are required to follow all liquor laws, public safety laws and laws that pertain to us in all levels of government. This is not a decision controlled by us, please treat our staff with respect. Your cooperation and patience are greatly appreciated. For more information on the Vaccine Passport please visit the BC Government website at

Thank you for your cooperation!

Did you know, we still have our craft distilled hand sanitizer for sale!